Sunday, March 5, 2017

Day Four: Shopping!

You might be thinking "Going Vegan means having to shop at a specialty/health food store."  During my research I learned "not necessarily."  The only things I bought vegan at a specialty store were vegan ranch and vegan chocolate.  I usually buy chocolate from that store anyway because it's fair trade chocolate that I can't find anywhere else.  Something about young children loosing fingers and never going to school disturbs me when eating a Hershey's.  My husband jokingly says he prefers his chocolate to be mixed with children's tears whenever he sees my fair trade stuff.  But that's right before he tears a new one into a dark chocolate fair-trade bar.  So there you go.

While I have a Trader Joe's and a Whole Foods, I don't usually go to them.  I go to the dollar stores.

"Wait, what?!"

Yay, you read that right.  Dollar stores.  Just today I bought a package of vegan meatballs from the 99c store among other things. I also find lots of other vegan things at Dollar Tree in their freezer section.  Usually 99c store is my thang as they have cheap produce.  But maybe you don't have one of those or maybe their limited selection leaves


"What's a Fry's?"

That's a Kroger to all you other folks.

"Kroger?  You find vegan stuff at Kroger?!"

Mmm. Hmmm.  I do.  Whatever I can't find at the 99c store I know is at Fry's.  I just have to look in the section marked "Natural."  It's easy to spot because it's green.  It's in practically every aisle.  And don't be fooled.  Some of it is junk food.  They have a section dedicated to vegan icecream.  Don't think that's whole foody goodness.  Of course your Kroger may not have that much stuff because of where you live.  I live in AZ.  There are lot of vegans and vegetarians.  We have a whole restaurant in town that serves only vegan food.  But don't give up hope.  You can always ask the manager to carry it for you.  Without customer feedback, they don't know what consumers want.  If you tell them if you carry vegan cheese or vegan icecream or vegan pizza, that you will buy it they usually will start stocking it.  And if not, tell them you'll ask an competitor or start purchasing food from online.  Vote with you dollar.  That's what I do.  That's why I avoided the soy milk at the 99c store and got excited when I saw today vanilla almond milk on the shelf (well now it's in my fridge).

So what I ate today:
Breakfast: Hashbrowns topped with ketchup and nutritional yeast, strawberries

Lunch: not pictured bagel with hummus, spinach, tomato, and small clementine orange

Snack: not pictured pretzel with mustard

Dinner: Spaghetti and mushballs topped with nutritional yeast not pictured salad and spoon full of peanutbutter

The spaghetti noodles is wheat and vegg.  The pasta sauce is a mushroom type while the balls were made from mushrooms and rice mostly.  Yum!

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